[Fashion Design-Portfolio]

SyllabusCourse Overview

The “Fashion Design – Portfolio” class is a comprehensive class where students create small collections to include in their portfolios. Students will learn how to collect inspiration, compose mood boards/collages, make sketches, come up with own designs, put together fashion swatch samples, flat spec detail, make clothing patterns, render fashion illustrations with a final presentation that is verbalized and organized in a strong comprehensible Manner. Depending on each student’s goals and basic sewing knowledge skills; each will be taught appropriated to skill level. This course aims at teaching introductory fashion industry knowledge for the future fashion designers, illustrators, buyers, marketers, and technicians seeking to obtain entrance to fashion college programs. Students who are aiming to apply for fashion schools such as FIT are strongly recommended to take this course.


Elizabeth Flowers

The class program follows a delineated, conservatory approach of having the student focus on 1 dimensional study being flat garment spec drawings of how garments and garment detail translate lying flat using simple lines, 2 dimensional study being the illustration and coloring techniques to show depth of a fashion illustration, and 3 dimensional study by creating an actual fashion garment out of fabric as an existing piece one can visually interact with and see all sides. Future fashion college attendees will be asked to give the dimensional study examples in their portfolio upon college entrance interview and will have already had an introduction to future college curriculum with the same approach that is a fashion industry standard for all trades in fashion.


Course Materials Needed to Purchase

. Drawing utensils and paper (specific types will be discussed) . Watercolors (Specific colors will be discussed)

. A glue stick

. 10 yards of muslin

. Magazines / Printed Inspiration from Google . See through sewing ruler (Inches)

. Hip Curve (Inches)

. Measuring tape (Inches)

. Fabric Scissors

. Paper Scissors

. 3 pieces of sewing tracing paper (Red, Blue, Yellow)

.  Hand sewing needles

.  Thread (White, Black, Other Colors Desired For Projects)

.  Final Fabrics (Discuss as we progress).  Straight Pins

.  Safety Pins

.  Roll of Pattern Paper

.  Seam ripper

.  Tracing Wheel

. 3 marking utensils for fabric (Red, Blue, Yellow)


Resources for Buying Your Materials

Make sure to look up the days and times they are open before going!

. Sil Thread – 257 West 38th Street, New York, NYC

. Steinlauf and Stoller – 239 West 39th Street, New York, NYC

. Online Garment District Directory – http://www.shopthegarmentdistrict.com


Please Note: Hope you all have a great time and learn or improve your design capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at any time with any questions.  

E mail Address: eliza.flores.beth@gmail.com



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